And how to use it wisely…while they’re still at this tender, young age?

Today’s youngsters will have families of their own in 2050 when the State’s Water Plan warns that we will no longer be able to meet the demand for water….for our cities, our farms, our manufacturing plants or our homes. For this generation, television…the travel…adequate supplies of low cost water…and land-line telephones are things they will read about in the history books. Most of the jobs and career paths they will take haven’t even been dreamed up yet. Instant communications and technology will be their daily tools….but in ways we cannot even imagine.

So, what can we do to help protect that shining future as they embark on this amazing journey? Quite simply, we must not only be good stewards of our endangered natural resources, but we have to pass this critical legacy on to them. The cornerstone of this responsibility is to appreciate the true value of finite resources…especially water. Teach by example…make a commitment to preserve, protect and defend our water supplies from dangers foreign and domestic…and, by avoiding waste…to use water more efficiently….

The water we conserve today…can serve them tomorrow!