Learning from our past to influence our future.

Our multi-discipline classroom materials for grades 2, 4 and 7 follow the TEKS social studies guidelines for those grades. The materials have been developed by experienced educators whose vision and approach to student interaction make this program especially effective in classrooms, home schooling environments, and in independent study situations with gifted and talented students.

Digging Up History

Since the dawn of time, people have always needed certain things to help them stay alive — easy access to water, sources of food, clothing and shelter. Geographical locations with these resources are likely to have been populated over and over again throughout time, which makes them logical places to look for relics and artifacts from previous habitation. The DIGGING UP HISTORY program takes students back to the end of the Ice Age, when Paleo Indians were finding their way into North America over the land bridge.

Digging up history

Simply stated, if students understand how critical water was to life on the frontier, they will develop a greater appreciation for how much we still rely on a sustainable supply of water today and into the future.

We have converted our traditional in person assembly programs into online training courses. The goal is to help students avoid wasteful habits as youngsters, and to encourage them to make a life-long commitment to becoming stewards of this finite natural resource.