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Digging Up History

Since the dawn of time, people have always needed certain things to help them stay alive — easy access to water, sources of food, clothing and shelter. Geographical locations with these resources are likely to have been populated over and over again throughout time, which makes them logical places to look for relics and artifacts from previous habitation. The DIGGING UP HISTORY program takes students back to the end of the Ice Age, when Paleo Indians were finding their way into North America over the land bridge.

Digging up history


A Water Conservation Program For Kids Of All Ages

Texas WATERHOGS live in neighborhoods just like yours. They irrigate their lawns in the rain; they don’t repair leaky faucets and hoses – wasting thousands of gallons of our drinking water; and they figure if they can pay for the water, they can use as much as they want.

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Sunflower Suzie

Sunflower Suzie

Lear about water conservation from the ground up.

Sunny is happiest when she’s helping Mother Nature outdoors. She has created several special workshops that are appropriate for adults and youngsters. Some sessions involve making things to enhance a garden, like bird feeders, wind chimes made from everyday items, and decorative pots for planting seedlings. Water conservation tips are at the core of all of Sunny’s programs because, as she says, “Every living thing needs water to survive and we have to learn to use it wisely!”


Where will their water come from?
The water we conserve today can serve THEM tomorrow!

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Every living creature needs it to survive.

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