Save Water Texas Coalition – 60 second radio spot – Remember when?

Remember how you and your friends used to keep cool on those hot summer days in Texas?
Running through lawn sprinklers.
Splashing around in the neighborhood pool.
Relaxing in the shade with an icy, tall glass of water?

Having access to a plentiful supply of water was as important back then as it is today. AND it will be critical tomorrow.
Continued drought and a booming population are just two of the serious challenges that threaten our precious Texas water supply. However, working together as individuals and communities, every Texan can do their part to help conserve this finite resource!

It begins with a commitment – DON’T WASTE WATER!
Before turning on ANY water – a faucet or your irrigation system – ask yourself:
Is it worth the WATER?
For some great tips on how you can use water more efficiently, visit “save water texas dot org.” That’s “save water texas dot org.”
Water. What would we do without it?