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Save Water, and Money with these water conservation tips


Lawn and Garden|

Whether called Xeriscape, water-wise or water-smart landscaping, landscape and water industry professionals throughout the nation have embraced landscape water conservation through education.

Take shorter showers!

Water Conservation|

Even a one or two minute shorter shower can save up to 700 gallons of water a month. Consider turning the water off while you soap up and wash your hair…and turn it back on to rinse off

Are you overwatering your yard?


During the summer months, more than 50 percent of our drinking water is used on landscapes and yards. Far too many people think they have to water every day or every other day to have a lush lawn.

LSGCD Adds New Weather Monitoring Equipment

Outdoor Conservation|

The new weather station will be equipped to monitor, record and transmit temperature, the amount of moisture in the air, solar radiation and wind speed on a continuous basis. The Texas A&M team will routinely collect and evaluate the data, using formulas specially created for this application. At the beginning of each week

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