Save Water Texas Coalition

Save Water Texas Coalition

The Save Water Texas Coalition (SWTC) is made up of cities, water agencies, water professionals, community leaders, and educators across Texas who are dedicated to raising public awareness about the critical need for water conservation and water reuse measures in order to assure sustainability of our finite groundwater and surface water resources.

Creative Campaigns

Promoting public understanding and discourse through creative content

Advertising & Marketing

Communicating water issues through brochures, billing inserts, radio, television, video and more.

Educational Programs

Identifying the tools for public outreach programs for teachers and classroom materials for students in grades 2, 3, 4, and 7

Water news of Texas

Water News of Texas

Water topics and conservation articles for Texas.


Whether called Xeriscape, water-wise or water-smart landscaping, landscape and water industry professionals throughout the nation have embraced landscape water conservation through education.

A Water Efficiency Checklist for Restaurants

Non-kitchen use can account for up to 35% of water usage in restaurants. Restaurant managers should continuously remind their employees about the importance and benefits of water conservation.

What do you know about stormwater pollution?

Stormwater pollution can result from contaminated runoff from urban areas as it drains from streets or property through the municipal storm water drainage system and into our waterways

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